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Monday, June 27, 2011

Today, hmmmm

What was special about today? I got up feeling pretty good, that is special... Went to breakfast with my roomie, that was ok. We did not talk much and he spent most of the time watching and flirting with the cute little waitress, which is nothing new. Went to town today for a doctors appointment, but the special part was where I went before that. I went to the wonderful book store that also has a large selecction of metaphysical goods and wonderful stuff. I got me a few new stones, got an amethyst, bkloodstone, apache tear, shiva lingham, and I can not remember the other two... but I love them all.
I just dont feel as good as I have been today, guess I am letting a little negativity sneak in on me.. I really can not afford to do that.. I also have a headache and my blood pressure was hight at the doc and she was not happy and ordered some tests.. but I still can not afford to let that negativity sneak in.. I must push forward... remove this dead weight from my life. Move on from it and get over the hurt and go on....

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